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I Tell Stories

 I have over 40 years of HR, management, and marketing experience to leverage toward every client I partner with. Yes, I’m that old.

During those years I have had the pleasure of nurturing many careers through one-on-one mentoring, team coaching, and years of public speaking.

After 30 very busy years, I was ready for a change and switched my focus to writing and helping others succeed. This has allowed me to not only work from home, but live a more balanced lifestyle.

My work as a writer has included everything from web content & design, printed marketing materials, and even a couple of Mystery Novels. For the last few years my primary focus has been on coaching and writing Professional Resumes. 

My experience as a resume writer began many years ago as I was often asked to help friends and associates write their resume and cover letters. When I switched focus to full-time writing in 2010, specializing in resumes made perfect sense as it allowed me to combine my years of business experience with my love of writing and helping others.

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What is your Story?

The best story always begins with someone interesting doing something interesting.

What does that have to do with resumes you ask.

A resume is in short, your career story. And like any good storyteller, it’s my job to craft something that entices people to read it.

Most resumes today are filled with bullet point responsibilities that show nothing of your real value or actual abilities. Nothing that says: “I’m good at what I do.”

In a sea of dozens or hundreds of resumes, this just doesn’t work anymore. Today’s resume needs to be built around your accomplishments.

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Just a few of my success stories